Church Membership Letter

Dear Friend in Christ,

We are delighted you have expressed an interest in membership at The Cross Church. Membership at The Cross Church is designed to be a fellowship with united purpose, active ministry, and mutual worship.

So that you might better understand the privileges and responsibilities of membership, we have assembled this package of information for you to read. Membership at The Cross Church requires that you read the following documents:

1.    Confession of Faith

2.    Constitution

3.    Church Restoration

4.    Membership Statement (signature required)

Please return the completed Membership Statement to a pastor at your earliest convenience. An interview will then be arranged with one or more pastors so that we might come to know you better and learn how you might become involved in ministry here. At that time we could also answer any questions you might have regarding The Cross Church.

His unworthy servants in His unfailing love,

Steve Camp, Pastor/Teacher
John Leger, Deacon
2 Cor. 4:1-7