What The Cross Church Does Not Believe

A church in 21st century post-Christian America is a much defined by what they don’t believe as what they do believe. In a spirit that desires clarity on key issues of faith, here are some distinctives that define us as to what we don’t believe as well.

Theological Vision for Ministry by The Gospel Coalition

This is not an outline of our doctrinal beliefs, but a statement of how we intend to discharge Christian ministry and interact with our culture in biblical and theological faithfulness.

The Sword and The Trowel by Charles Spurgeon

The Sword and The Trowel by Charles Spurgeon

Such is Calvinistic doctrine: if the life be in it, it is a fountain of living waters, a splendid store-house of vital nourishment, a gathering up of sacred streams from the divine wellhead of truth; but if the inward vitality be gone it is dark and dreary, repulsive to many, and chilling to all who enter it.

We Are Reformed

There is a reformed theological resurgence sweeping through the church today. I am grateful for our friends at Acts29 that have written this concise thumbnail bringing needed clarity as to what it means to be reformed in 2010.

We Are a Missional Church

core values

Confessional Statement of Faith

The Gospel Coalition

The Essentials

MInistry is not just for a few professionals. It is for everyone who names the name of Christ and honors Him as Lord and Savior of their lives. IOW, if you’re a Christian – you are in full time ministry!