THE CROSS WORSHIP – AUGUST 20th 10am – Adult Fellowship 9am – Prayer Meeting 6pm. “Prayer, Joy and Thanksgiving” (Phil 1:3-11)

To Live Is Christ Pt 2. “Prayer, Thanksgiving and Joy” (Philippians 1:3-11)

This week in our study of God’s Word, we come to one of the most endearing and encouraging prayers found in the NT from the Apostle Paul. Joy is one of the grand themes of Philippians and this prayer is one of unmistakable joy and thanksgiving for other believers in Jesus and for the Lord of glory.

Matthew Henry says in part of these verses: “The work of grace will never be perfected till the day of Jesus Christ, the day of His appearance. But we may always be confident God will perform His good work, in every soul wherein He has begun it by regeneration…” Please read Psalm 30 to prepare your hearts and minds for worship.

And remember beloved, whether you find yourselves on the mountain top or in deep in the valley tonight, God IS faithful in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit to bring to completion the work He has begun in you. What joy!

As the Day Draws near,
Pastor Steve
2 Cor 4:5