CrossLife Community Groups


CrossLife Community Groups are the home-care groups through which The Cross Church meets to build each other up by prayer, fellowship, bearing each others burdens, discipleship, and Bible study. We desire to encourage one another to love and good works, and to live out loud as new creations in and among our neighborhoods as witnesses of Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is godly joy to proclaim His truth, love our neighbors, and see their lives transformed by the Lord through authentic relationships.


Life is hard and it was never meant to be lived in isolation. Community is a gift of God intended to help us see and experience the good news of Jesus in profound and tangible ways with each other.

If you’re new to The Cross Church, it is our sincere desire to see you connected in covenant community with each other. The early church gathered on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) which was considered the first day of the week. Why Sunday and not some other day to worship? Because that is the day the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead! (Acts 20:7Sunday is then the church gathered for worship, the preaching and study of God’s Word, communion, baptism, prayer, to build up of His body, equipping believers to do ministry, and to bringcorporate glory to the One Triune God.

But Monday through Saturday is just as important; it is the church scattered. It is where we live among others who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. CrossLife Groups are the place where the seeds of the preached Word take root and become real. It is the place where we build relationships with one another and live life together. We do this within our homes and with other families within our church scattered throughout our area to reflect Jesus and His gospel to others.


At The Cross Church, community groups are the place where discipleship takes place. It is where we encourage one another to be worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ in life and word. It is body-life! But it is also the place to bring people who don’t know the Lord. It is a place to introduce them to the gospel of Jesus and let them see the gospel lived and engaged right in our own neighborhoods.

We were created to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in fellowship with other believers. It is our desire to see every member of The Cross loved, cared for, and challenged and serving within a CrossLife group.


You can expect a bi-weekly gathering that involves great food, fellowship, prayer, practical application of biblical truths to living, service and benevolence.

CrossLife is a place for challenging one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. As a guide and springboard, the Elders have designed questions for our CrossLife groups centered around what we are studying on Sunday mornings to launch helpful and profitable discussion. However, this is an environment to share and ask whatever questions you might have about issues, life-experiences, or what you’ve been studying in God’s Word as well. It is also intended to be a place where we can laugh, cry, bear each others burdens, even have recreation together for the glory of the Lord Jesus. It’s a place to connect, love, grow, and know God – life on life together.

IOW, it is a place to use your spiritual gifts in service to one another, your community, and in evangelism – and all for the glory of God! We currently are meeting every other week. Check out the places below and hopefully there is one in your area with which you can be involved. It just might change your life!

(*some of the above material was adapated from MHC small group ministry material)