Ben Stein, RC Sproul – Expelled (pt 2)

Discussing evolution, intelligent design, & the Creator God

He’s All You Need

by Steve Camp – The Sufficiency of Christ

He Covers Me – Hope For The Hurting

by Steve Camp – based on Romans 5:20-21

The Agony of Deceit

by Steve Camp

Who is Responsible For Evil in the World

Ravi Zacharias

Religion vs Relationship

by Pastor Mark Driscoll

Help Wanted

“Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive” Matthew 20:7 Yes, there is work in Christ’s vineyard for old bodies. It is the eleventh hour, and yet He will let us work. What grace is this! Surely every old man ought to jump at this invitation! After men are advanced in years nobody wants them as servants; they go from shop to shop, and employers look at their gray hairs and shake their heads. But Jesus will engage old people and give them good wages, too! This is mercy indeed. LORD, help the aged […]