A Before the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

This day the Lord of Hosts invites
Unto a costly feast;
I will take care, and will prepare
To be a welcome guest.

But who and what am I, O Lord!
Unholy and unfit
To come within Thy doors, or at
Thy table for to sit.

Awake repentance, faith, and love;
Awake, oh, every grace;
To meet your Lord with one accord,
In His most holy place.

Worldly distraction stay behind,
Below the mount abide;
Cause no disturbance in my mind,
To make my Savior chide.

Oh come, my Lord, the time draws nigh,
That I am to receive;
Stand with my pardon sealed by
Persuade me to believe.

Let not my Jesus now be strange,
Nor hide Himself from me,
But cause Thy face to shine upon
The soul that longs for Thee.

Come, blessed Spirit, from above!
My soul do Thou inspire
To approach the table of the Lord
With fullness of desire.

Oh, let our entertainment now
Be so exceeding sweet,
That we may long to come again,
And at Thy altar meet.