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The Mission, Vision and Purpose…



Community groups are the primary vehicles
through which The Cross Church gathers
to encourage one another by prayer, fellowship,
bearing each others burdens, and to love and good works.
Also, to live out loud for Jesus in and among our neighborhoods
as witnesses of Christ by proclaiming His truth,
knowing the culture, loving people,
and seeing lives transformed for the Lord
through authentic relationships that are gospel-centered.


Life is hard and it was never meant to be lived in isolation. Community is a gift of God intended to help us see and experience the good news of Jesus in profound and tangible ways with each other.

If you’re new to The Cross Church or have been here since the beginning, we want to see you connected in community. The early church gathered on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) which was considered the first day of the week. Why Sunday and not some other day to worship? Because that is the day the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead! Sunday is the church gathered for worship, the preaching and study of God’s Word, communion, baptism, prayer, to build up of His body, equipping believers to do ministry, and to bring corporate glory to the One Triune God.

But Monday through Saturday is just as important; it is the church scattered. It is where we live in culture and society among others who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Community Groups are the place where the seeds of the preached Word take root and become real. It is the place where we build relationships with one another and living life together. As well, it is within the groups within the neighborhoods of the city that we can participate in the work that God has called us to as a church. Our groups are an opportunity to love and bless the city in unique ways.


At the heart of the community groups ministry is the desire to see a community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the mission of The Cross Church to make disciples. God has called us to a continuous lifestyle of worship and relationship with Himself, which is cultivated and nurtured within the body of Christ. The Church is a people. It is a gift of God.

At The Cross Church, community groups are the place where discipleship and care takes place. It is where we encourage one another to be worshipers of our Lord. It is where the body becomes the body, loving, caring and challenging one another. As well, it is within community that we engage culture and incarnate Jesus in the nooks and crannies of our city.

We were created to worship the Lord Jesus Christ not just personally, but also in community in the Image of our Creator, who Himself exists in community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is our desire to see every member of The Cross loved, cared for, and challenged within a thriving community.


Each Group is unique as the group reflects the neighborhood in which it exists. However, you can expect a bi-weekly gathering that involves food, conversation, prayer, discussion for applying the Bible to practical living, and service in the neighborhood.

Community Groups are an environment for building relationships with one another, which strongly emphasizes challenging one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. Community groups are intended to be a place where we can laugh, cry, work and play together for the glory of the Lord Jesus. This means you could expect BBQ’s, yard work for an elderly neighbor, bowling, working in children’s ministry, visiting people in the hospital, birthday parties, etc. It’s a place to serve, grow, connect, love and know God.

IOW, it is a place to use your spiritual gifts in service to one another, your community, in evangelism – and all for the glory of God! We currently are meeting every other week. Check out the places below and hopefully there is one in your area that you can be involved with. It just might change your life!

Click here for the group hosts and schedule.