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Sinners in the Hands of the Living God, Part 1. Revelation 16:1-7

-Lord I Lift Your Name
-Great Is The Lord
-Here I Am To Worship
-Thy Word
-All I Once Held Dear

Psalm 136:1-26

“Sinners In The Hands of The Living God”

Hebrews 10:26-31
Isaiah 13:9-12
Romans 3:5
Colossians 3:6
2 Thessalonians 1:7-9
Jude 1:7, 12-13

Both trumpets and bowls present
the plagues in the same order:

the earth
the sea
the rivers
the sun
the realm of the wicked with darkness
the Euphrates (together with influencing the wicked by demons) and
the world with the final judgment (with the same imagery of lightening, sounds, thunders, earthquake and great hail).

Comparison between the trumpets and bowls:*
The First Trumpet
Hail, fire and blood fall on the earth, one third of which is burned up.
The First Bowl
A bowl is poured out on the earth. Malignant sores come on those who have the mark of the beast and worship his image
(corresponding to Exodus 9:22ff (trumpet), 8ff (bowl))

The Second Trumpet
A blazing mountain falls into the sea. One third do the sea becomes blood, a third so sea creatures die and a third of all ships are destroyed.
The Second Bowl
A bowl is poured on the seas, which become blood, and everything living thing in them dies.
(corresponding to Exodus 7:17ff)

The Third Trumpet
A blazing star, Wormword, falls on a third of rivers and fountains, their waters are poisoned and many die.
The Third Bowl
A bowl is poured on rivers and fountains and they become blood.
(corresponding to Exodus 7:17ff)

The Fourth Trumpet
A third of the sun, moon and stars are struck. Darkness results for a third of a night and day.
The Fourth Bowl
A bowl is poured on the sun, which scorches people with fire.
(corresponding to Exodus10:21ff (trumpet), 9:22ff (bowl))

The Fifth Trumpet
The shaft of the pit is opened. Sun and air are darkened with smoke from which locusts emerge to torment people without the seal of God.
The Fifth Bowl
A bowl is poured on the throne of the beast. His kingdom is darkened and people are in anguish.
(corresponding to Exodus 10:4ff (trumpet), 21ff (trumpet and bowl))

The Sixth Trumpet
Four angels bound at the Euphrates are released with their calvary of two hundred million, which kills a third of humanity.
The Sixth Bowl
A bowl is poured on the Euphrates, which dries up for kings of the east. Demonic frogs deceive the kings of the world to assemble for battle at Armageddon.
(corresponding to Exodus 8:21ff (bowl) – there is no corresponding Exodus plague text for the sixth trumpet)

The Seventh Trumpet
Loud voices in heaven announce the coming do the kingdom of God and of Christ. Lightening, thunder, earthquake and hail occur.
The Seventh Bowl
A bowl is poured into the air and a loud voice from Gods throne announces: “It is done.” Lightening, thunder and an unprecedented earthquake occur and terrible hail falls.
(corresponding to Exodus 9:22ff and the Sinai theophany (19:16-19))

*source: G.K. Beale The Book of Revelation Commentary, p 809-810.