The Power of Integrity Conference – All of Life for All His Glory!

We are excited to bring you this summer “The Power of Integrity” conference. It begins Friday night, July 19th at 7pm.

Integrity is moral soundness, spiritual virtue, and living in an honorable way before a holy God. By that definition, integrity is certainly lacking in our culture today. People have lost the direction of their lives individually and collectively as a nation. Without a spiritual compass its impossible to live our lives in a true and godly way. This is the heart of this event. It is a conference on practical godliness – living all of life for all His glory. Integrity can only be achieved by living life through the perfect undiminished lens of God’s holy Word.

To that end, I’ve invited a dear friend of mine, Hank Hanegraaff, to help lead us in this great theme. We are so honored to have him with us. Hank is a tremendously gifted apologist and preacher of God’s Word. He has a gifted mind – memorizing vast sections of Scripture. He is a uniquely equipped voice for our time. Please visit his website at – it will richly feed your soul and equip you to live biblically in this generation. You can also learn to be faithful witnesses in defending the faith by downloading an invaluable tool the Equip iPhone app. I have it on my iPad and find it a rich resource in my life personally and pastorally.

Dates and start times.
July 19th – 7pm
July 20th – 9am and 7 pm

I am also honored to be ministering the Word at this conference and in song with The Cross Praise Team.

This event is free and for the whole family. All are welcome. We hope you will join us and bring a friend as well! We are committed to this important conference on integrity for one main reason as Hank so powerfully says, “because truth matters.”

Live Gospel Strong!
Pastor Steve Camp
2 Cor 4:5